fun drawing gifts for 10 year old kids who love to draw

Fun drawing gifts for 10-year-olds

As a person who’s always loved drawing, I was eager to get drawing-related gifts.

But I lived in the 90s, and we weren’t really spoiled for choice like today.

There are so many beautiful gifts you can give kids nowadays who love drawing.

And these gift ideas will give them many hours of fun!

It’s a good way to help kids exercise their imagination and delve into a world of creativity without getting distracted by TV or the digital world.

Here are some fun and exciting gifts you can give 10-year-old children who love to draw.

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10 Fun Drawing Gifts for 10-Year-Olds

I am going to cover multiple types of drawing gifts for kids.

So whether you know what the child enjoys doing or not, you’ll be safe if you get a couple of these. Feel free to mix and match or get something super specific.

All these items are available on Amazon for your convenience.

1. A complete Art Kit for kids

If you know that the child enjoys drawing but are unsure what tools they work with, why not get them a complete art kit that involves everything?

This Art Kit comes in a nice portable case (travel-friendly), and in it, you will find:

  • A double-sided trifold Easel
  • 48 Oil pastels
  • 48 crayons
  • 12 watercolor pens
  • 1 Whole Drawing Pad
  • 1 Coloring Book
  • Pencil kit with a sketch pencil and sharpener

And so much more.

This Art Kit is all-rounded, so you can gift it to kids who are just beginning with art and have not yet narrowed down on drawing or sketching something specifically.

It will make a great Easter or Christmas gift, and it’s super easy to fold and put away when the child is done using it.

I had one of these when I was a kid, and I carried it around everywhere!

Check out the Art Kit here.

2. Pencil Sketching Set

If you have seen your child work with graphite pencils and love to sketch portraits or things, you should definitely consider getting them this pencil sketching set.

For pencil sketching, we artists require multiple pencils to draw and shade. The tools can be expensive, and it’s not easy to always find what we are looking for.

This pencil sketching set comes with everything a sketching artist needs to get started.

It contains:

  • A variety of sketching pencils (with different levels of hardness)
  • A Sketchbook (perfect for sketching)
  • Blending stumps (used for blending)
  • Graphite and charcoal sticks (for darker areas of shading)
  • Vinyl and kneaded erasers (for blending and erasing)
  • Sandpaper block and sharpeners (for sharpening the pencils and other tools)

And so much more.

Everything a budding sketching artist would need is included in this pencil sketching kit. And it comes all neatly wrapped up in a compact case.

This will make it easy for the child to carry the kit to classes or school, and they won’t need a separate purse or pencil case for all their sketching equipment.

Check it out here.

3. Drawing books for kids

The best drawing gifts for 10-year-olds are drawing books.


Because they not only teach your kids how to draw, but they come with prompts and exercises.

So, why not gift your kids with books that cover tutorials on how to draw different types of things?

Here are some books that teach kids to draw different things:

These books are specifically made for kids and will help them learn how to draw different things, animals, and people.

It’s so much fun, and kids can spend hours going through these books learning how to draw so many things.

The tutorials are very simple, and any child can follow them easily.

So, if you want to encourage your child to draw or they already love drawing, just get them a couple of these drawing books, and your child will be good to go!

4. Drawing books for kids (slightly older)

This drawing book set is similar to the previous drawing books for kids for slightly older kids or kids who have some experience drawing.

Now, if your child is drawing all the time and they want to really get into drawing, these are the best drawing books you can give them.

These drawing books are aimed at kids between 9-12 years old, and this set includes the following books:

  • How to Draw―This beginner drawing for kids book teaches fundamental skills every young artist needs through a variety of art projects and exercises.
  • Portrait Drawing for Kids―Young artists will become versed in concepts like proportion, negative space, point of view, and composition.
  • Figure Drawing for Kids―With more than a dozen figure-focused projects, budding artists will learn every aspect of portraiture, including shading and highlighting.

So they’re less cartoonish and focus on more realistic drawings.

For kids who are really enjoying pencil sketching and are already exploring drawing, these drawing books will make excellent gifts!

Check out this set here.

5. Book Making Kit for Kids

If your child loves to read, write and draw, this book-making kit is the perfect gift for them.

Illustory Book Making Kit allows children to write and draw their own stories!

This bookmaking kit includes:

  • A neat and simple guide for kids that includes instructions to write and build their own story
  • An “About the Author” feature that gives the child an option to be showcased as the published author on the back cover of the book
  • Ready-to-use cover template pages
  • Story and illustration template pages
  • A set of color markers (for drawing and writing)
  • A postage-paid envelope that you can send the book in to get it printed

This is the perfect present for a child under 10 who wants to create, write and draw their own storybook!

It’s a creative gift idea that will keep your child busy for days!

Check out this book-making kit here.

6. Comic Book Making Kit

This comic book-making kit is created by the same brand as the bookmaking it – Lulu Jr.

The comic-book-making kit is the perfect gift for any child who loves comics and enjoys drawing comics as well!

So, gift them this kit if they love comic books and cartoons.

The comic book making kit includes:

  • A simple guide that helps the child create their own characters, settings, and panels and even helps them with words and artwork for their comic book
  • A beautiful kit that will help them make their own full-color 18-page professionally printed comic book
  • An About the Author feature that allows the child an option to be showcased as the published author on the back cover of the book
  • Ready-to-use comic book template pages, an order form, instructions, color markers, and a postage-paid envelope.

This comic book kit will really help spark the creativity of younger children because it will allow them to come up with their own story and then draw it in a fun way.

It will keep them busy for days, and it is something they can keep forever.

It is, in my opinion, one of the best drawing gifts for 10-year-old kids.

Check out this comic book making it here.

7. Fashion Design Drawing Kit + Light Table

Now, if your child is always playing dress-up and loves clothes and drawing clothes, there is a very good chance that they are interested in fashion designing.

This fashion design kit is one of the best drawing gifts for 10 year olds who love to design clothes.

This Fashion Design kit includes:

  • A light table so that they can trace the dresses over the characters,
  • A sketchbook with a design guide that will help them understand how to draw,
  • Colored pencils, stencils, and stickers to help them draw fabulous clothes

Make your little child’s dream come true of becoming a fashion designer by giving them this amazing kit!

Here are a few more fashion design kits you can look at or club together if you want to get creative:

8. Color Pencils for Kids (Megapack)

Color pencil packs usually come in packs of 12, 24, or 36.

They don’t have much variety of colors because there are very few pencils in these packs.

But one of the best coloring pencil packs for kids is the 180 Color Pencil Pack for Kids.

There are so many colors in this pack – 180 coloring pencils.

And this color pencil box is perfect for kids who love to color but want more coloring pencils!

All the coloring pencils are labeled, and there is also a sheet that includes all the colors of the coloring pencils. It also comes with pencil sharpeners.

Check it out here.

9. Anime drawing books for kids

If your kid loves watching anime (Japanese cartoons) and is obsessed with drawing anime characters, then you should definitely get your child anime drawing books.

But you have to be careful when picking these out – you have to make sure that you are getting anime drawing books specifically for kids.

Here are the best books that teach kids how to draw anime – they are super easy to follow and are kid-friendly!

10. Gift card for Drawing classes

Because I am an artist myself, I know a lot of moms who buy online drawing classes for their kids.

Drawing classes are so handy because they teach children at a pace the child feels comfortable learning at.

And Domestika has some of the best drawing classes for artists.

Some of these are beginner-level, meaning children or adults can take them, and they are also given resources to work with too!

What’s amazing is that once they get access to the class, they will own it forever, so they can rewatch the class as many times as they want.

The best way to gift an online class to your child is to simply buy a gift card for the child or parent.

Then the child or parent can select what drawing classes they want to get!


I hope this list gave you tons of gift ideas for kids who love drawing.

I frequently buy these gifts for my friends’ kids or my own nieces and nephews.

As an artist myself, I enjoy buying gifts like these, and it gives me so much joy to inculcate the love for drawing in children.

If you have any ideas for drawing gifts for 10-year-olds that are not on this list, please leave a comment below! I’d love to add it to this list.

I’d also love to know your experience buying drawing gifts for kids.