Learn how to draw platform heels. Easy for beginners step by step drawing tutorial.

How to draw platform heels

I’m not a fashion designer or anywhere close.

But I do love drawing characters, and I love drawing hair, clothes, and shoes.

It’s definitely my passion.

There are loads of tutorials teaching you how to draw high heels.

They’re easy!

But drawing platform heels is a whole different ballpark.

My Barbie Dolls often came with platform heels, and many anime characters also wear platform heels.

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to draw platform heels step-by-step so that you can draw these shoes easily.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner learning how to draw. The following steps are extremely easy to understand. As long as you follow the tutorial step by step, you should have no difficulty understanding it.

Here’s what you’ll learn to draw at the end of this tutorial:

You will learn how to draw platform heels

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Please note that I use an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil to create all my illustrations. But you can use any tool – a pen and paper, markers, or Photoshop because the drawing method remains the same.

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Let’s begin.

How to Draw Platform Heels (step by step)

Let’s begin. We’ll do this step by step, so it’s super easy!

Start by drawing a simple C curve, but the bottom part of the curve should be slightly longer like this:

Draw a simple curve

This is the toe of the shoe.

Next, from the bottom part of the curve, extend the line upwards like this:

Extend the line upwards.

Easy, right?

Next, draw 2 long straight lines downwards from the shoe like this: These will be the heel in the front of the shoe.

Draw the platform heels.

Let’s complete drawing the platform heel. Just draw a straight line connecting the previous two lines – curve the ends a bit to make the platform heels more organic and realistic.

Complete the sole of the shoe in the front

Now, draw a curve at the back of the shoe like this – this is the behind portion of the shoe that will hug the heel of the woman’s leg.

Draw the back part of the shoe

And now, let’s draw the behind portion of the heel. From the curve, draw 2 long straight lines downwards. The behind line will be slightly shorter than the first.

Draw the paltform heel of the shoe

Now, draw a small curve connecting the two lines we drew – and we’ve finished drawing the platform heel of the shoe.

Complete the platform heel of the shoe

But to make the shoe more realistic, draw another line upwards and connect the heel to the line – this is the inner portion of the platform heel. This will give a nice 3D effect to your platform heels.

Draw the inner portion of the platform shoe.

Let’s draw the leg now. From the curve in the front, draw a raised line like this:

Draw the foot of the woman

We are drawing the foot of the woman’s leg.

Once you’ve finished drawing the foot, extend the leg upwards like this. The front part of the woman’s leg is mostly straight, whereas the behind portion is curved because calves are curved.

Draw the leg and calf of the woman's leg

Now, add a simple belt near the ankle to make the platform heel look more real.

Draw the belt of the platform heels.

You can even add a hook on the belt to make it look more convincing!

And last, draw the vamp of the shoe (the open space of the shoe that the woman inserts her foot in) by drawing a simple curve from the front to the back like this:

Complete the vamp of the platform heel

And we’re done!

Lastly, color the shoe and the leg any color you like!

Because this reminds me so much of Barbie, I’m going to color the platform heel a bright pink.

Color the platform heels any color you want.

If you draw digitally, create a new layer and add some shadows in a mid-purple.

Add a shadow to the shoe.

Change the blending mode to Multiply and change the opacity to 35%, and you’ll get a nice shadow on your digital art like this:

You will learn how to draw platform heels


You’ve learned how to draw platform heels and color them too!

Conclusion + Resources

I hope this in-depth tutorial was helpful to you and you were able to learn how to draw platform heels.

If you are looking for books on drawing clothes and shoes, check these out:

If you want to see more tutorials on drawing clothes, just leave a comment down below. You can check out my other Character Tutorials to learn how to draw people and clothes.

I will be adding more drawing tutorials to this blog, so keep a lookout!

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