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50 Fun Thanksgiving Drawing Prompts to Draw

I absolutely love fall and thanksgiving.

And I am a huge sucker for the pumpkin spice latte.

So, are you looking for fun thanksgiving drawing prompts to inspire your creativity so that you can make some pretty thanksgiving drawings?

This post includes multiple ideas that I myself have used loads of times!

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Let’s begin!

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50+ Fun Thanksgiving Drawing Prompts for Kids and Adults

Use these drawing prompts to fuel your imagination and draw the first and most exciting thing you can think of that relates to the world.

Make sure you use plenty of warm colors like red, yellow and orange hues to bring out that thanksgiving vibe.

Feel free to use these prompts for your kids or for yourself!

Drawing has no age limit!

Download your drawing freebie here! And scroll below to read a whole list of ideas related to each thanksgiving drawing prompt.

1. Pumpkin

You can go wild and draw a regular pumpkin or draw a pumpkin with faces or a person in a character in a pumpkin suit – the choice is entirely up to you.

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte

If you’re looking for a fun drink to draw, you can draw a pumpkin spice latte. I already have a post that covers how to draw a pumpkin spice latte if you’re interested!

You can also draw any pumpkin spice-related item! The freedom is totally yours.

3. Jack o’ Lantern

If you want to draw something spooky, you should definitely draw a jack o’ lantern.

You can practice tons of faces on the pumpkin before actually carving it on your physical pumpkin! This is such a fun activity for kids.

4. Cute Red Fox

You can draw a regular fox or even a whole animated character that’s a fox. Or draw a woman who’s got fox ears or a child in a fox costume.

5. Acorns

You can draw a forest of acorns or your favorite squirrel eating an acorn.

6. Warm Candles

This is a fun thanksgiving drawing prompt.

You can draw warm cozy candles that follow the colors red, yellow, and orange.

You can draw the candles in a cozy room setting or draw the candles in a witch’s room while she’s making potions.

Or maybe draw a Harry Potter setting with floating candles all about.

7. Colorful Turkey

You can draw a huge, colorful turkey and even turn this into an art project where you use different colored paper for the tail of the turkey. Here are some fun turkey art projects for kids.

8. Pumpkin Pastries

You can draw a big slice of pumpkin pie like in this cute tutorial or draw any pumpkin-related pasty you want like:

  • Pumpkin Doughnut
  • Pumpkin hot drink
  • Pumpkin Bagel
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Pumpkin Bread and so much more!

If you want to do something more, you can also draw a nice big bakery or a character baking with lots of supplies like milk, flour, and eggs around them.

Don’t forget to draw some pumpkins! That’s the hero ingredient!

9. Autumn Witch

You can draw a nice, cozy witch in her lair reading a big fat book and snuggling up with her cat or a witch brewing potions.

You can draw a small child in a witch’s costume.

Don’t forget to use warm colors to add more Thanksgiving fun to your drawing!

10. Fall Sweater

You can draw a sweater with your favorite design on it or draw any character with a cool sweater. Make sure it’s fall-related and include warm colors like red, yellow, and orange!

You can also draw a woman knitting a sweater. The choices are endless.

11. Squirrels

This is such a fun thanksgiving prompt.

You can draw tons of squirrels playing in the forest or maybe a cute chipmunk in a bark of a tree. You can also draw a squirrel family and give them names or draw your family as squirrels!

Brownie points if you draw some acorns too!

12. Cozy hot chocolate

You can draw a nice big mug of hot chocolate or draw your favorite character sipping a nice warm cup of steaming hot chocolate!

You can also draw your hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and whipped cream on top.

Don’t forget to add lots of chocolate sprinkles!

13. Warm cottage

How about drawing a small cottage in the woods? You can draw lots of plants around it.

Or even draw cute animal characters like rabbits, squirrels, and cats around the cottage.

Perhaps you can draw a cozy cottage from the inside with a warm fireplace and your family enjoying the cottage.

Use your imagination to draw whatever you want.

14. Autumn Leaves

You can turn this into a lovely art project by tracing around autumn leaves you find in your garden or draw leaves from scratch and writing names on the leaves.

15. Knitted scarf

You can draw a nice, warm scarf or take one step further and draw your favorite movie character or cartoon character in a scarf.

16. Basket of apples

Apple picking is such a fun activity during the fall.

So, why not draw a big basket of juicy apples? You can draw Snow White with the famous red apple or draw your favorite characters with a basket of apples.

You can also draw a big apple pie that’s come out straight from the oven!

17. Cozy blankets

You can draw a nice big pile of blankets and create stickers or you can draw a blanket around a cute animal or a character.

Go wild!

18. Pancakes and Syrup

If you’re looking for something yummy to draw, then why not draw one of the most popular breakfasts ever?

Draw a nice stack of juicy pancakes along with your favorite toppings like whipped cream, honey and fruits like strawberries or blueberries and lots of maple syrup!

19. Pile of Books

This is the perfect drawing exercise for any book lover out there.

You can either draw the covers of your favorite books, or your favorite scenes from your favorite book or just draw a character reading a book.

You can really let your imagination go wild with this thanksgiving drawing prompt!

20. Warm Fireplace

Looking to draw a nice, cozy setting?

Why not draw a big burning fireplace? You can also draw some favorite characters around the fire on a big cozy rug along with a lot of other thanksgiving items mentioned in this post.

21. Leather Satchel

Draw a big leather satchel or messenger bag on your favorite character to give them that autumn and fall look.

Brownie points if you can add a big scarf, sweater and high boots!

22. Kettle with your Design

This makes such a great art project because you can draw different kettle shapes and then draw any design you want on them.

You can also make it a fancy coloring project for your kids.

Or you can go all out and draw a character using a kettle.

23. A Jar of Tea Leaves

Tea is such an amazing drink and there are so many options!

Go crazy drawing little tea jars along with kettles and cups. Make a whole drawing project around it.

24. Wooden Cabin

Want to draw a mysterious wooden cabin in the woods? You can draw a lot of trees around it too!

25. Small Forest

Forests are so much fun to draw because you can draw a beautiful blue sky, lots of different trees and bushes and most of all, you can add some fun and cute animals!

Did you forget your download? Here it is!

26. Dog with a Sweater

This is my favorite drawing prompt ever!

If you’re not a fan of dogs, you can draw your favorite pet like a cat or a guinea pig in a cute sweater.

Or go out on a limb and draw your favorite animal like a bear or a giraffe in a cute sweater. Let your creativity flow.

27. Picnic

If you want to draw a beautiful fall or thanksgiving themed art, why not draw a cozy picnic? You can draw your favorite cartoon characters or animals sitting on a nice blanket having some snacks.

Add some fall leaves and trees around them, and you’ve created the perfect picnic drawing.

28. Tall Boots

Just draw your favorite character in some tall boots and you’re good to go!

29. Mug of Coffee

Draw a nice big mug of coffee to keep that thanksgiving spirit up! Pair it with a nice pumpkin pasty to make your drawing complete.

30. Sleep

Draw a cute sleeping dog or cat or draw yourself sleeping.

Add a nice warm blanket on top of the character to make your drawing pop up!

Brownie points if you can draw a thought bubble and include a nice, cozy dream!

31. Autumn Outfit

One of the best drawing challenges ever. You can draw a girl in a pilgrim costume or just don her in some cozy sweaters and jeans.

Don’t forget the boots!

32. Scarecrow

Draw a colorful scarecrow as a fun drawing project! You can even use a pumpkin as his head!

33. Sweet Potatoes

Why not draw a big bowl of sweet potatoes to make your drawing yummier? You can pair this up with any of the thanksgiving food prompts in the list!

34. Cornucopia

The ultimate thanksgiving drawing prompt is a cornucopia!

It makes an excellent coloring project because you can draw so many items! Just make sure you use a lot of warm colors to really bring out that fall vibe!

35. Thanksgiving

This is the best drawing opportunity.

Just draw thanksgiving and you can draw absolutely anything that comes to mind!

You can draw a feast, pilgrims, turkeys, your family, just about anything. This day is for you!

36. Big Festive Cake

There’s nothing better than drawing a large, yummy cake.

You can add as many layers to the cake as you want and add any kind of decorations on it. It’s a really yummy drawing prompt.

37. Mushrooms

Draw some cool mushrooms and use any colors you like – the more colorful the better. Brownie points if you can add some gnomes and toads to your mushrooms!

38. Baked Goods

Draw any kind of baked goods you want to pump up your thanksgiving holiday!

39. Coat

Draw a cute coat or jacket on your favorite cartoon or animal character.

40. Stars

Why not draw a sky full of stars? Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, and the sky often helps remind us how small we are compared to the universe.

41. S’mores

A perfect drawing opportunity is to draw some s’mores on sticks or just draw a group of campers around a big burning fire toasting some s’mores.

42. Pinecone

Draw a beautiful pinecone – it’s harder than it looks!

43. Bats

Draw some cute bats – brownie points if you can draw them upside down on a large tree!

44. Corn

You can draw your corn in a nice big thanksgiving feast or draw it on its own. You can also draw a corn field! The possibilities are endless!

45. Beautiful Orchard

I covered a basket of apples in one of the drawing prompts above. In this drawing prompt, we will draw an orchard full of apples – basically many apple trees.

This makes a great drawing for kids.

46. Thanksgiving feast

A thanksgiving feast is your holy grail of thanksgiving.

You can draw desserts like pies, or cranberry jam; you can also draw a lot of side dishes. And you can make the thanksgiving feast as grand or simple as you want.

47. Owl

If you want to draw some cute and lovable birds, why not draw a few owls?

48. Warm Soup

Every drawing prompt need not be heavy, so I included one that’s simple yet warm and loving.

Draw a nice bowl of hot steaming soup.

49. Cozy Knitted Socks

If you’re looking for a fun project to draw, cozy socks are just what you need to do.

Draw some cute socks on your character to complete this thanksgiving drawing prompt!

50. Raking Leaves

Raking leaves is such a nice fall activity and you can draw a huge pile of leaves and trees. You can also draw children raking leaves or playing with them


I hope you enjoyed these thanksgiving drawing prompts! Please don’t forget your download!

Over the next few weeks, I will include a lot more autumn and fall related drawing tutorials.

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