blue things to draw for fun that will help you pass time!

21 Cute Blue Things to Draw

You have no idea what to draw.

You’re drawing a blank.

And you want to draw something blue.

Blue is a color of stability, serenity, and wisdom. It’s a very soothing color and is loved by most people including myself.

I’ve gathered a whole list of blue things to draw that you will find useful!

Let’s begin!

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1. A cute blue outfit

If you’re looking to draw something blue, why not draw your favorite character in a cute blue outfit? There are tons of inspiring ideas on Pinterest that you can look for when searching for an outfit to draw.

Or you can check out my post on 35 cute outfits to draw for your character.

2. Blue hair

Blue hair is so cool!

Hair is one of my favorite things to draw because it’s so versatile and you can draw so many unique hairstyles that will change the character’s look completely.

I have a whole bunch of drawing hair tutorials here if you’d like to explore some ideas.

3. Blue food

There are so many blue foods you can draw like blueberry jam, blueberry panna cotta, blueberry pie, etc.

The options are really endless. You can also draw your own foods and just color them blue!

4. Blue sky

Skies are the best to draw and paint or color because they’re so beautiful and calm.

You can draw cloudy skies or plain skies and you can add so many gradients to make the blue stand out. You can mix blue with pink and orange and so many other colors to give the sky your own personal touch.

Brownie points if you can place a character in front of the sky to make your drawing pop up!

5. Blue flower

There are so many blue flowers and I always like to stop and look at blue flowers when I find them around the parks I live.

They are so pretty, so why not draw a pretty blue flower?

6. Blue butterfly

One of the best blue things to draw is a butterfly because although they are really simple to draw (for both adults and kids), they look really cool. You can also let your creativity flow and color the flowers around the butterfly any color you want!

7. Blue whale

Want to draw the largest animal that lives on earth?

Draw a beautiful blue whale! You can also color the water around it a light blue so that your whale stands out! Don’t forget to draw tiny fish around the whale to indicate how huge the whale really is.

8. Blue desserts

I know I already covered blue food but I did want to talk about blue dessert as well!

You can draw a cute kawaii macaroon that’s blue in color! If you’re looking for more fun desserts to draw, check out my kawaii tutorials here.

9. Your OC with a blue outfit

One of the most fun things to draw is your own Original Character.

You can look at inspiration online and mix and match different features to come up with your own original character and then draw a beautiful and creative blue outfit on them.

10. Dragon with blue wings

Dragons are super cool to draw!

And if you’re looking to switch things up, you can either draw a sea dragon that’s completely blue or you can draw any color dragon but add blue wings to make your dragon pop up!

11. Blue car

You can also draw a beautiful blue vehicle of your choice.

You can draw a blue car or a minivan or a bus – I’ll leave it to you to decide what to draw!

12. Island

A nice fun thing to draw is an island surrounded by blue sky and blue ocean.

This involves a lot of coloring, but it makes for a great art project for kids and adults!

13. Blue cup drawing

Looking for something super simple to draw?

Then why not draw a beautiful blue cup of coffee? Or a cup of tea? You can draw different types of mugs and cups! The possibilities are endless.

14. Blue monster

Looking for a cute monster to draw?

Then draw a blue monster! You can make your monster super short or super tall! And you can use your creativity to add horns or wings or big trolly feet.

15. Blue dinosaur

Dinosaurs are so much fun to draw.

And you can draw a normal cute dinosaur like this or a long-neck dinosaur. Be sure to check out my kawaii tutorials for more fun drawing ideas!

16. Blue eye

People love drawing eyes.

They’re so mystical and magical.

Even better, you can draw an eye and then color the iris blue! It makes a fantastic painting project.

17. Blue house

Houses are a lot of fun to draw and you can draw a really simple house or go all out and draw a really big blue house.

You can also draw blue bakeries, blue skyscrapers and so much more.

18. Stitch from Walt Disney

Want to draw a blue Disney character? Draw the all-beloved Stitch from Lilo Aand Stitch!

He’s one of the cutest blue characters ever made by Disney!

19. Cinderella with her blue dress

One of my favorite Disney princesses to draw is Cinderella. Her blue dress is so beautiful and something that most people do find challenging to draw.

So, why not draw a Disney Princess? You can also draw Jasmine from Aladdin or Elsa from Frozen if you’re looking to color a dress blue!

20. Blue Goddess

One of the most magical things you can draw is a blue goddess! You can draw any goddess and draw her with blue hair or add a blue dress or both!

21. Blue mermaid

Looking to draw a mythical creature?

Draw yourself a beautiful blue mermaid! There are loads of inspirational ideas you can get on Google Images or Pinterest and I myself have multiple mermaid tutorials you can check out here!


I hope you enjoyed this post on cute blue things to draw and you were able to get some ideas on some fun things you can draw when you’re bored!

I have loads of ideas you can check out here if you love drawing”