Cute outfits to draw on your character

35 Cute Outfits to Draw on Your Character

You want to draw a character.

You’re really excited.

But you have no idea what outfit to draw on her.

So, you’re looking for some cute outfits to draw.

Don’t worry, I got you covered.

In this post, I’ll show you multiple illustrations of really cute outfits to draw so that you never run out of ideas.

I myself love browsing through ideas when I’m looking for a nice outfit to draw on my character.

These outfits are really sporty, cute, and kawaii so rest assured that you’ll love this post. Remember to bookmark it because I will keep adding to this post soon.

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1. Jacket and denim

When drawing a cute outfit, you can always keep things simple and draw outrageous hair!

This combination works and it looks really sassy.

In this drawing, Lele has included a simple jacket and gone with the all-popular jeans. It works and looks great for teenagers or young adults.

2. Harry Potter-themed gowns

Who does not remember the famous Yule Ball in the 4th Harry Potter movie?

If you’re looking for ideas to draw a cute outfit, just draw something similar to Hermione’s dress from the Yule ball? Or better yet, draw Hermione herself!

3. Sweater and Sweatpants

Never underestimate the power of a bright sweater with sweatpants.

Pair it up with big glasses, and you’ve got one of the cutest outfits imaginable.

I love this post because the artist has drawn her own outfit and it looks super cute. If you’re drawing a nerdy character or a character who is comfortably sitting in her own room reading or creating – this is the perfect outfit!

4. Flannel shirt and tank top

If you’re looking for a nice tomboyish outfit to draw on your character, just go with a lovely flannel shirt and a tank top.

It not only gives your character an adventurous and sporty look, but it will really differentiate her from the regular girly and cute characters.

5. A simple cotton dress and belt

I really like keeping things simple as you can see – it’s what makes a cute outfit seem effortless.

Another great idea is to include a simple cotton dress and then fasten it at the waist with a neat and wide belt.

In this illustration, the artist has also included an undershirt to make the simplicity stand out.

6. A girly sweater with plain jeans

If you do want to add some flair to your character, you can don on a very girly pink sweater like this and add accessories to match but make sure you keep the jeans plain and simple so that your character is not too flamboyant.

If you’re looking for cute outfits to draw, this is your best bet!

7. Trendy outfits

Or you can draw a couple of trendy outfits like this. This artist has gone out of her way to draw 3 trendy outfits. The basic premise is to include a colorful top and a nice loose pair of shorts or jeans or skirt.

This combination works for teens and young adults.

Remember to choose a complementing hairstyle.

8. Simple black top with colored pants

You can go the other way around too.

Add a plain black top (but make it a sleeveless or halter neck to add some flair to the top) and then pair it with nice brightly colored jeans.

Because both the colors are bright and dark, the artist decided to draw white blonde hair to accompany this cute outfit and it works!

9. Flower Power top

Flowers always add a huge dose of cuteness to any outfit.

If you’re looking to make your character look naive and young, you can always add flowers to her outfit.

In this outfit, the artist has decided to draw a nice crop top with flowers and pair it with high-rise jeans.

10. Clothes from Target

If you’re looking to make your character look very simple or she’s doing chores, then you can don her in simple clothes that you’d get from Target or Walmart.

You can’t always dress your character in fancy wear so you can just draw a simple teeshirt and jeans. Remember to add accessories to bring out that spark in your character!

11. Pant-suit for your character

If you want to add an air of professionalism to your character, then a pant-suit is a cute and trendy outfit that your girl can sport.

Just go with an extra bright color like pink, purple or teal to make your character the star of the show.

12. Overalls

A great way to add youth to your character is to add overalls!

Brownie points if you can make them a super bright shade and then pair it with bangs! Voila! Your character will not only be cute but super young.

This is a super cute outfit to draw!

13. Crop top and flared jeans

Add a simple crop top and pair it with flared jeans.

They’ve definitely not gone out of fashion. To give your character that 70’s vibe touch, just add some flower power to your clothes!

14. Long sleeve crop top and jeans

Never underestimate long-sleeved cropped tops.

They are super cute and give your character that much-needed spunk! just pair it up with super long pants to give your character that sporty and trendy look. I even have a post here on how to draw skinny jeans step by step.

15. Vest, pants, and cap

Although this girl is sporting a “bad girl” vibe, isn’t she cute?

This is one of the cutest outfits you can draw on your character while infusing such a dark and playful vibe. The cap adds a nice touch, I must say.

You can also check out these books on drawing clothes:

16. Plaid skirt and high socks

This is a very common but cute outfit to draw on your character. Just draw a high-waisted short plaid skirt (with pleats) and pair it with high socks. It’s perfect for drawing anime girls and also for showing that your character is still in high school.

I even have a tutorial that teaches how to draw a pleated skirt.

17. Cute floral dress

If you’re looking to add a very chic and feminine look to your character, then just add a super cute floral dress. Make sure you spaghetti straps to make your dress chicer! You can go with a nice powder-blue or lilac dress to bring that softness out of your character.

18. Tight bodice dress

To make your character look more regal and sophisticated, you can put her in a tight bodice that has a low neck.

In this beautiful piece of art, the character has a dark dress so the artist has contrasted her hair by making her hair light blonde.

19. Hoodie and yoga pants

One of my all-time favorite outfits to draw on characters is hoodies. I even have a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a hoodie here.

Margaux Motin draws very cute outfits for her characters. And just by adding a hoodie to a trendy patterned yoga pants, you can make your character super cute!

20. Short sparkly dress

If you’re making your character dress up for a party, this is an excellent outfit to draw on her.

Just add some sparkles to give her that chic and glamorous vibe!

21. Bright patterns and colors

If you want to go vintage and at the same time add a pop of color to your drawing, then this is the perfect combination to try out!

These are super cute outfits to draw on your character!

22. Bridgerton-inspired outfit

If you want to go all classic, then why not draw an outfit inspired by Bridgerton? One of my favorite artists Pernille drew this on her character and it’s super cute!

23. Korean-kawaii outfits

Now, if you’re looking to draw very cute and kawaii Korean outfits for your character, this is the way to go.

Simple and elegant all the way!

24. Off-shoulder top with high-rise jean shorts

Keep things super simple and chic by drawing an off-shoulder, long sleeved top and pairing it with high-rise jeans shorts.

It’s perfect, simple, and classy!

25. Goth and emo outfits

If you’re looking to make your character goth but want to add that cute vibe to her, then these outfits are the way to go!

Here are some books to help you draw clothes I suggest buying:

26. Retro vibe

Retro outfits are coming back in style and they’re not just easy to draw but they’re also extremely cute outfits to draw on your character.

Pair it with a beautiful puffy hair style and you’re good to go!

27. Ruched top with mini-skirt

By far, you can add this to your cute outfits to draw list because this one knocks the others out of the park.

You can go for a plain colored top, but adding creases to it will add a flair to this outfit and then pair it with a cute mini-skirt!

28. Stranger Things Sailor Outfits

How could this not make the list? The minute I saw Steve and Robin in these cute sailor outfits, I knew illustrators would draw them pronto.

You can always draw your character in a cute costume – it just makes drawing so much more fun!

29. Sheer outfit

Another winner by Pernille.

I love this sheer outfit because it’s the perfect outfit for summer or beaches! Make sure you add lovely accessories to bring out the panache in your summer outfit!

30. Goth meets witch

Want to draw a mystical but trending outfit?

This is the perfect dress to draw on your outfit. It’s smart, sassy and dark!

Throw in some tattoos, and you’ve got yourself a super modern but cute witch!

31. Summer inspired outfits

Here are a few more great and adorable summer-inspired outfits to draw on your character!

32. Oversized sweaters and shorts

One of the cutest outfits to draw on your character is an oversized sweater and hoodie. I never get tired of drawing these and they’re super comfortable too!

33. Sweatshirt and sweatpants

I absolutely love it when artists draw their own outfits.

You can draw your character in matching sweatshirt and sweatpants – it’s not only homey but super cute!

34. Puffy sleeves

Puffy balloon sleeves are very cute and they can up a very simple outfit. I have a whole tutorial here on how to draw puffy sleeves.

35. Off-shoulder sweater

An off-shoulder sweater is one of the cutest and simplest outfits you can draw on your character.

Just pair it up with jeans or shorts to give your character that sassy and adorable look!

Brownie points if you draw her with long hair or a messy bun.


I hope you enjoyed this post on cute outfits to draw!

I’m going to add some free tutorials below that you might enjoy if you love drawing clothes.

You can also check out these books to help you draw clothes on your character!