How to Draw We Bare Bears Stack step by step easy for beginners

How to Draw We Bare Bears Stack

We Bare Bears is officially one of my favorite cartoons because it encaptures that 90s vibe of cartoon style.

It’s fun, it’s adorable and it’s wholesome.

I cannot get over how Panda, Grizz, and Ice Bear.

I’ve already done a lot of tutorials on drawing cute and kawaii animals, like this kawaii dog tutorial and this kawaii cat tutorial.

In this post, I will show you how to draw We Bare Bears in a stack just like in the theme song in this step-by-step guide so that you can easily make a cute We Bare Bears drawing.

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Whether you’re a kid or an adult learning how to draw, these steps are extremely easy to follow; let’s get started!

I’ll even show you how to color the bears, here’s what you’ll learn to draw:

You've learned how to draw we bare bears stacked on each other.

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I am currently using an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil to create my digital art.

But you can use any tool – a pen and paper or color pencils or Copic markers or Photoshop because the drawing method remains the same.

How to draw We Bare Bears – Easy Step by step instructions

Let’s start with the bottommost bear first – Ice Bear. He’s always the one doing all the heavy lifting. We’ll draw Panda over him and Grizz right on the top.

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Draw Ice Bear

We’ll start by drawing Ice Bear’s face.

Let’s start with the curve – this is going to be his head.

Draw a simple curve

Next, I’m going to draw the bottom part of Ice Bear’s face. So, now, we are going to draw another curve but this is more elongated like this:

Draw Ice Bear's face

If you get this shape right, you’ll be able to draw any of the 3 bears in We Bare Bears really easily. Just keep practicing this shape to get the hang of drawing their faces in a side or 3/4th profile.

Let’s move on.

Next, I’m going to draw 2 small ears on Ice Bear’s head like this:

Draw his ears

And now we can move on to the body since the face is done.

All the 3 bears have elongated oval-shaped bodies. So, I’m just going to draw an oval shape right next to the head like this:

Draw his body

Ice bear is nearly done – we need to draw his legs.

Just draw 2 small U shapes underneath the oval-shaped body.

The best part about drawing the bears from We Bare Bears is that their bodies are made from simple shapes.

Draw ice bear's legs

Next, we can draw the back legs of Ice Bear like this.

Draw the hind legs

Easy, isn’t it?

Let’s draw a small round tail at the end of Ice Bear’s bottom.

Draw histail

And finally, we can draw the face – To draw the face, draw 2 small round eyes, a small nose and a smile.

Draw the face of the bear

Now, we can clean up the overlapping lines by erasing the oval shape of the body that overlaps with the front legs like this:

Clean up the lines

And voila!

We’ve finished learning how to draw Ice Bear.

Now, let’s move on to drawing Panda and Grizz.

Step 2: Draw Panda Bear

We will start with the head of Panda Bear.

Panda’s face will be perfectly aligned with Ice Bear’s. You can draw dotted lines to check whether it’s aligned.

We’ll draw the 2 small curves and the ears just like before.

Draw Panda's face

Now, comes the easy part, just draw an oval to draw Panda’s body like this:

Draw panda's body

Once you’re done drawing the body, draw the legs just like we did with Ice Bear.

Draw his legs

I’m going to draw the tail and add the facial features as well.

Draw Panda's face

Finally, I’ll clean up the overlapping lines.

Clean up the lines

And we’re done with Panda Bear too. Now, only Grizz is left.

Step 3: Draw Grizzly Bear

Grizzly is the leader and is always on top. Since his face is more raised because he’s always talking, the second curve in his face is slightly more extended like this:

Draw Grizzly's face

Now, like before, draw the ears and the body.

Draw grizz's body

Once you’re done drawing the oval-shaped body of Grizz Bear, draw his tail and legs.

Draw his tail and face

I’m going to erase all the overlapping lines to clean up the drawing.

Clean up the lines

Lastly, I’ll add some claw lines on all the paws of the We Bare Bears.

Add lines on the claws

Step 4: Color the We Bare Bears

Start by coloring Grizz brown.

Color Grizzly bear

Next, with a dark gray, I’ll color Panda’s ears and Panda’s eyes.

Color Panda's face

And then, I’ll add 2 giant stripes (using the same gray) on Panda Bear’s body. Don’t forget to color his tail!

Color panda's face

Next, you can color Ice Bear a cream white.

You've learned how to draw we bare bears stacked on each other.

And we’re finished!

We’ve learned how to draw and color We Bare Bears!

Conclusion of how to draw We Bare Bears + Drawing Resources

Was this tutorial helpful?

I hope you could learn how to draw We Bare Bears step by step.

If you want to see more tutorials on drawing kawaii animals and kawaii things, please leave a comment below on what you’d like to see next!

I will be adding more kawaii drawing tutorials (animals, food, and lots of things) to this blog, so keep a lookout!

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