In this post you will learn how to draw a stack of pancakes

How to Draw a Cute Stack of Pancakes

In this post, I will teach you how to draw a cute stack of pancakes.

And, I’ll show you how to add some cute elements to the pancakes like a few blueberries and strawberries, some whipped cream and syrup on the top too.

I’ve covered multiple cute food drawings, cute animals, and more, and you can find them in my kawaii tutorials here.

It’s not that hard to draw, and I’ll teach you how to draw this drawing step by step. So it’s okay if you don’t have much experience drawing or you’re just beginning; you’re going to have a lot of fun drawing this stack of pancakes.

Here’s what you will be learning to draw:

Add shadows to the pancakes

Let’s begin!

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You can draw this using sketching pencils or a fine marker or draw it digitally like me.

How to draw a stack of pancakes step by step – Easy Tutorial for Beginners

Step 1: Draw the pancakes

We’ll draw the topmost pancake first and slowly draw the remaining.

Let’s start with the first pancake.

The trick is not to make them uniform – this way, they’ll look homemade and more realistic. Don’t draw perfect ovals for pancakes; just hand-draw a basic semi-circle. It’s okay if it’s not perfect – it will look amazing.

Draw a small semi circle

Pretty easy, right?

Next, draw the bottom of the first pancake and draw a thick line in the middle. This line with separate the top and the side of the pancake.

Make your pancakes thick; this will make your pancake drawing look more fluffy and tasty.

Draw the bottom of the first pancake

Now, draw the second pancake underneath the first.

It’s good if it’s thick – this will make your stack of pancakes look more realistic!

Draw the second pancake

Continue and draw another pancake underneath the second. Remember to add lines in the middle of the pancakes to separate the top from the side.

Keep a little space between the lines (note the arrows); those little breaks will make your drawing look much better.

Draw the third pancake

Once you’re done drawing the stack of pancakes, and you’re happy with the pancakes, draw a nice oval plate underneath the pancakes. The plate can be a perfect oval, but you can draw a square or diamond-shaped plate too!

Let your creativity flow.

Draw the plate underneath the stack of pancakes

Okay, we’ve learned how to draw a stack of pancakes. But we can add more detail to this drawing to make it stand out!

Let’s try adding some toppings!

Step 2: Draw the berries

Pancakes taste so much better with berries, don’t they?

So, first, I’m going to draw some blueberries on these pancakes.

Place the blueberries anywhere, I’m going to place some at the bottom on the side, one or two at the top and one in the middle.

Draw some blueberries

These blueberries look great, but blueberries usually have a small hole near the top where the stem has been plucked off, so you can draw small indents on the blueberries.

Just add small “U” shaped indents on the blueberries like this:

Add tops to the blueberries

Now, you can end this here, or you can add more berries to your pancakes.

I want more color, so I am going to add some strawberries to the pancakes.

Draw the strawberries

Remember to erase any overlapping lines where your berries are so that your drawing is neat and clean.

Once you’re done with adding all your berries to your pancakes, you can move on to the next part of the drawing.

Step 3: Add whipped cream and maple syrup to the top of the pancakes

Okay, now that we’re done with the berries, let’s move on to the topping of the pancakes – the whipped cream.

I will draw a big blob of whipped cream on the pancakes. Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Add some whipped cream on top of the stack of pancakes

You can leave the whipped cream as is, or add some details to it to make it cuter.

I will draw a small face on it and 2 small ears to make it shaped like a teddy bear.

I do love teddy bears and bunnies.

Add some detail to the cream

Once you’re done with the whipped cream, you can add some syrup to the pancake.

I’m going to draw some syrup on top with a squiggly line and then drag it down the first 2 pancakes to make it look dripping.

Draw some maple syrup on the pancakes

You’ve finished drawing the basic outline of your stack of pancakes!

The best part is that adding all these simple elements to our drawing makes it look professional and cute.

Step 4: Color the stack of pancakes

Now, it’s time to add some color to the pancakes.

First, we’ll start with coloring the plate. Color it any color you want. I’m going to go with light blue.

Next, color your pancakes a wheatish-yellowish brown color.

Color the pancakes and the plate

Now, color the top part of the pancakes (the sides facing up) a light caramel brown color. This will complement the wheatish yellow we used for the sides and give your pancakes a very yummy look.

Color the tops of the pancakes a darker shade

It’s now time to color the berries.

I’m going to color the blueberries blue (of course) and the strawberries reddish pink. You can even add some detail to the strawberries by drawing some dots on them.

Color the blueberries and strawberries

Next, I’m going to color the syrup a dark brown to make it look thick and juicy.

Color the maple syrup

It is important to add a lot of detail to the syrup so it looks very dark. So color the syrup that drips on the side even darker – adding shadows gives your drawing more depth.

Color the bottom part darker

Next, we’re going to add some highlights to the syrup to make it look more fluid and give it more detail. So, with a golden yellow, I will go in and add some highlights.

Add highlights to the syrup

Lastly, I will color the cream. You can leave it white, but for the purpose of this illustration, I am going to make it very light pink and add a shadow to it too!

Color the cream

Next, I’ll go in with white color and add highlights to the stack of pancakes and the plate. I do this for most of my kawaii drawings just to give them a nice shiny finish.

Add highlights to the stack of pancakes

Lastly, I’ll add some shadows to the pancakes and the plate to give the drawing more depth. You can see how I do this in my post where I teach you to color digital art.

Add shadows to the pancakes

And yay!

We’ve finished learning how to draw a stack of pancakes!

Drawing Resources

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and you enjoyed drawing this cute stack of pancakes.

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