In this post you will learn how to draw a jar of honey step by step

How to Draw a Cute Jar of Honey

In this post, I will teach you how to draw a super cute jar of honey.

An actual jar with a small label and a cloth covering the top of the jar.

I’ve covered multiple cute food drawings, and you can find them all in my kawaii tutorials here.

It’s not that hard, and I’ll teach you how to draw this step by step. So it’s okay if you don’t have much experience drawing or you’re just beginning, you’re going to have a lot of fun drawing this cute jar of honey.

Here’s what you will be learning to draw:

Add a highlight to the jar of honey

Let’s begin!

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You can draw this using sketching pencils or a fine marker or draw it digitally like me.

How to draw a jar of honey step by step – Easy Beginner Tutorial

Step 1: Draw the lid

We’ll draw the lid first – the lid is a cloth that is tied to the jar with a small piece of string. So, let’s just begin by drawing a simple lid:

Draw the top of the lid first

Pretty easy, right?

Next, we’ll draw the string. Just draw a small string underneath the lid we just drew.

Draw the string that is under the lid

Next, we’re going to draw the jar.

Step 2: Draw the jar

I will draw a small rounded jar because I love round objects. But you can draw any jar shape. You can draw a rectangular shape or a perfectly round jar – use your imagination here!

Draw the honey jar

Now, since this is a glass jar, it will be see-through, so you can see the inner portion of the jar too! So, I will repeat the shape by drawing the inner portion of the jar.

Just repeat your jar shape by drawing another similar shape inside the shape you’ve just drawn.

Draw the inner portion of the glass jar.

Now it’s time to draw the bit of the cloth that goes around the jar under the string.

Step 3: Add details to the jar of honey

So, just draw a small wavy line under the string; it’s okay if it overlaps the jar – it will look good in the minute.

Draw the ends of the cloth on top of the jar.

Next, draw 2 small curves on either end of the jar; this will complete the cloth and make it look very pretty. You’ve just drawn the cloth that wraps around the jar of honey!

Draw the sides of the cloth

Next, we need to draw the label on the jar of honey. I’m going to draw a big circle in the middle and draw 2 rectangular pieces around the circle. This will be our honey label!

The trick to making any object look super cute is to add more details to the drawing.

Draw the label on the jar

Next, we’ll erase all the overlapping lines – note the arrows and erase the lines.

Erase the overlapping lines

Step 4: Add details to the honey label

Now, draw a small oval in the center of your honey label. This oval is going to become a cute little honeybee.

Draw a small cylinder in the middle

Now, add details to the honeybee like:

  • A stripe in the middle of the honeybee
  • 2 small circles on top of the honey bee – this will be its wings
  • 2 small eyes and a mouth on the honeybee’s face
Draw a small honeybee

Now, let’s add some more details to the honeybee. You can draw thick lines underneath the honeybee to indicate:

  • the legs – 4 lines
  • the sting 1 line
  • the antennae – 2 lines on top of the honeybee’s head
Add details to the honey bee

And voila! You’ve finished learning how to draw a jar of honey!

But let’s go one step further and color it!

Step 5: Coloring the jar of honey

I’m going to color the jar and the string around the jar a light cream color and the honey golden yellow.

Color the jar and the honey

Next, let’s color the honey bee.

Use yellow and brown to color your honeybee. You can color the wings a light blue.

Color the honey bee

Now, it’s time to color the cloth. You can color the cloth any color you want! I’m coloring the cloth blue and drawing small blue checks on the cloth.

This crisscross pattern on the cloth makes the honey looks more old-fashioned and quaint – which takes me back home.

Color the cloth on top of the glass jar

Lastly, you can draw a small white highlight on one side of the honey jar and a dark shadow on the other side of the jar.

If you’re drawing traditionally, use white gel pens to draw the highlights.

Add a highlight to the jar of honey

And yay!

We’ve finished drawing the cutest jar of honey. Wasn’t that fun?

Drawing Resources

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and you enjoyed drawing this cute jar of honey.

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