21 cute pink things to draw

21 Cute Pink Things to Draw

You have no idea what to draw.

You’re drawing a blank.

And you want to draw something pink because you’re bored.

Pink is a very beautiful color with so many shades. It’s also one of my favorite colors and you’ll notice a lot of pink elements on this website, including my logo!

In this post, I’ll include multiple pink things you can draw for fun!

Let’s begin!

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1. A cute pink outfit

One of the best things you can draw is a character with a pink outfit. You can either draw a pink accent like a pink skirt or a pink top or go wild and create a whole unique pink outfit.

You can also draw pink accents like pink handbags and pink earrings on your character. Use your imagination!

Also, you can check out my post on 35 cute outfits to draw for your character if you need some inspiration.

2. Pink hair

Pink hair is so cool!

I myself draw pink hair on my characters frequently because it just draws so much attention to your character.

You can draw so many different hairstyles and pair them with unique outfits to make your drawing so much more interesting!

I have a bunch of drawing hair tutorials here if you’d like to explore some ideas.

3. Pink food

Anything with strawberries can be used to draw pink foods. You can draw strawberry milkshakes, strawberry jam, or just draw a beautiful chocolate cake with pink frosting on top. The options are endless!

4. Pink sky

Skies are the best to draw and paint or color because they’re so beautiful and calm.

You can draw pink cloudy skies or plain skies and you can add so many gradients to make the pink stand out. You can mix blue with pink and orange and so many other colors to give the sky your own personal touch.

You can also use any drawing elements like gouache paints, or even paint it digitally – no matter what, sky drawings and paintings are very appealing and pretty to look at.

Brownie points to you if you can add a cute character in front of the sky to make your drawing pop up!

5. Roses or Cherry Blossoms

There are so many beautiful pink flowers you can draw in your notebook or Moleskine to pretty up your notebook or sketchbook.

You’ll also find several pink flower drawings on Pinterest and Google, so you can look at actual flower references and draw them.

Alternatively, check out this lovely book if you’re looking to learn how to draw flowers.

They are so pretty, so why not draw a pretty pink flower?

6. Pink Shop

Looking to draw something unique and pretty?

Why not draw a beautiful pink shop? You can draw a pink flower shop or a bakery!

7. Pink butterfly

If you are into watercolors or just want a lovely project where you can let colors bleed into one another, draw a pink butterfly.

A butterfly’s wings has so many hues and you can mix that pink with purple or blue to get an even prettier art piece.

8. Pink Food Truck

Looking for something yummy to draw? Why not draw a pink food truck?

You can also draw a pink ice cream truck and check out my free tutorial here if you’re interested.

9. Your OC with a pink outfit

One of the most fun things to draw is your own Original Character.

You can look at inspiration online and mix and match different features to come up with your own original character and then draw a beautiful and creative pink outfit on them.

10. Pink Fairy

Looking for a fun mythical creature to draw?

Why not a fairy?

You can really spice things up by drawing a pink dress on a fairy or pink hair and wings or even color her whole skin pink!

11. Pink car

You can draw a cute pink car of your choice.

Or you can make things magical and draw a pink bicycle with a pink basket and flowers.

I’ll leave it to you to decide what to draw!

12. Pink flamingo

A nice fun thing to draw is a pink flamingo!

These make such fun drawing projects for kids and adults!

13. Pink Cup Drawing

Looking for something super simple to draw?

Then why not draw a beautiful pink cup of coffee? Or a cup of tea? You can draw different types of mugs and cups! The possibilities are endless.

14. Pink Axolotl

This little guy is taking the internet up by the storm.

A lot of people love drawing axolotls. And you can find loads of drawing references online.

15. Hello Kitty

One of the most popular characters in Japan is Hello Kitty.

And if you’re looking for something super cute to draw, why not draw a cute hello kitty in a pink dress? You can also draw Pusheen next to her.

16. Pink Lips

People love drawing lips.

Drawing lips will also help you become better at drawing anatomy.

You can practice drawing lips and find all sorts of lip tutorials online!

17. Pink House

This also makes a great watercolor project but you can also use color pencils or draw a pink house digitally.

Go wild and draw a pink bakery or a pink ice cream shop or a pink doughnut shop. You can make practically any building pink!

18. Pink Panther

Thinking of drawing one of the most famous characters ever? Go for it!

Pink Panther is super easy to draw and has been people’s favorite panther for decades!

19. Rapunzel from Tangled

Draw a beautiful Disney Princess.

You can draw Ariel when she wears her pink dress or Sleeping Beauty Arora in her beautiful pink dress or Rapunzel from Tangled if you want to mix pink and purple elements.

20. Pink Unicorn

Looking for a pink unicorn tutorial? I got you covered. Read this post right here to learn to draw a pink unicorn from scratch.

21. Pink mermaid

Looking to draw a beautiful mythical creature?

Draw yourself a beautiful pink mermaid! There are loads of inspirational ideas you can get on Google Images or Pinterest and I myself have multiple mermaid tutorials you can check out here!


I hope you enjoyed this post on cute pink things to draw and you were able to get some ideas on some fun things you can draw when you’re bored!

I have loads of ideas you can check out here if you love drawing!