How to Draw a Stack of Doughnuts - learn how to draw a cute stack of doughnuts step by step. Beginner tutorial easy.

How to Draw a Stack of Doughnuts

There are so many posts on the internet covering how to draw cute doughnuts, so I decided I’ll create a slightly different post.

In this post, I will teach you how to draw a stack of doughnuts.

I have tons of other cute kawaii drawing tutorials here if you’re interested in learning how to draw cute foods and animals, so be sure to check that out!

Here’s what you will be learning to draw in this post:

Add shadows to your stack of doughnuts and you'll officially have learned how to draw a stack of doughnuts

If it looks too hard, please don’t worry. I will teach you how to draw this cute stack of doughnuts step by step.

So, let’s get started.

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You can draw this using sketching pencils or a fine marker or draw it digitally like me.

How to draw a stack of doughnuts step by step – Easy Beginner Tutorial

Step 1: Draw the doughnuts one by one

Let’s start with a simple oval shape first. This is going to be our first doughnut.

Make the oval a little thicker length-wise so that the doughnut looks fluffy. It doesn’t have to be perfect because this will give your drawing a very hand-drawn look and look cuter.

draw a simple oval shape

Now, we need to draw the doughnut hole. So draw a little oval at the center of the oval shape.

Draw an oval shape in the center.

Next, we need to draw the icing. Simply draw a wavy line between the mini oval and the end of the doughnut.

Draw a small drip in the center of the doughnut

And voila! You’ve just drawn a cute doughnut.

Now, to draw the rest of the stack, we must draw multiple doughnuts underneath this one.

So, let’s draw another oval shape underneath the first doughnut.

Draw a second doughnut underneath the first

Because it’s sitting underneath the first doughnut, you don’t need to draw the whole oval shape. Also, tilt the oval slightly to make it look like the first doughnut isn’t sitting perfectly at the center of the stack.

Now, just like the previous drawing, draw the center of the doughnut hole by drawing a mini oval at the center and draw the icing which is the wavy line.

Draw icing on the second doughnut

Once you’re satisfied with how your 2 doughnuts look, draw a third one underneath the first 2 doughnuts.

Draw another doughnut underneath

Remember to tilt the doughnuts and move them sideways to make the doughnut stack look more organic.

I’m quite happy with how it looks, so I will add 2 more doughnuts to this cute stack.

Draw 2 more doughnuts underneath the first

And now we have a whole stack of doughnuts!

Let’s draw a plate underneath to make it look cuter. This oval can be a perfect oval. But if you want, you can draw any plate shape. I’ll leave that up to you!

Draw a plate underneath the stack of doughnuts

Step 2: Color the stack of doughnuts

We’ll start by coloring the plate.

I will use purple because it’s one of my favorite colors. But you can color the plate any color you like!

Once you finish coloring the plate, color the middle of the plate a darker color to show a slight dip in the plate. This will give a nice finish to your plate.

Color the plate

It’s time to color the doughnuts – honestly, this is my favorite part of the drawing.

I’ll color the doughnuts a cream beige color or a light camel brown to give them that beautiful deep-fried wheat color.

Color the doughnuts a cream beige color

Next, we can color the icing of the doughnuts.

This is completely up to you. You can color the doughnuts any color you want. Use your imagination to color the doughnuts.

You can use unicorn colors. I’m using Dunkin Doughnuts for inspiration since they’re my favorite, and coloring the doughnuts in a variety of colors – keeping the pink one on the top!

Color the icing on the doughnuts

Step 3: Add detailing to the doughnuts

Okay, now that you’ve finished coloring the doughnuts with basic colors, it’s time to add the toppings and the detailing.

So, I’m going to add a drizzle on a few doughnuts, like caramel drizzle and chocolate drizzle.

To imitate the syrup drizzle, simply draw a wavy, zigzag line on the doughnuts like this:

Add caramel and chocolate drizzle on the doughnuts

Another great way of adding details to doughnuts is adding sprinkles.

Just add colorful dots and dashes to the top of the doughnuts like this:

Add sprinkles to the rest of the doughnuts

And once you’re done, you can add shadows to your drawing to make it look more organic and give the drawing more depth. You can check my post on how I color digital art here to learn more. It even includes a video.

Add shadows to your stack of doughnuts and you'll officially have learned how to draw a stack of doughnuts

And yay!

We’ve finished drawing a cute stack of doughnuts.

Drawing Resources

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and you enjoyed drawing this stack of doughnuts.

If you want to see more tutorials on drawing kawaii animals and kawaii things, please leave a comment below on what you’d like to see next!

I will add more kawaii drawing tutorials (animals, food, and lots of things) to this blog, so keep a lookout!

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